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Directed by:

Bhulla Beghal

8 mins

Sunday, Nov 20, 2022

3:00 PM

Shorts Program 4

With no support from her sibling and husband, who is becoming more distant as Kiran's time is occupied with her mother who suffers with dementia, Kiran seeks help from a care support agency. But this is a constant roadblock as the agency struggle to source carers who meet the basic communication needs of her mother who is a Punjabi speaking South Asian. Kiran finally reaches breaking point as throughout all this, she is also dealing with loss - loss of her mother's identity, relationships and her own identity which has been stripped away.

STUART Cinema & Café

About the Filmmaker

Director Bhulla Beghal grew up in Birmingham, UK, an incredibly multicultural region. Through his indie production company, BlueBell Films, Bhulla directs short films and mini-documentaries for public sector, healthcare and educational organisations. Empathy and vulnerability are the common themes through his work which allow him to tell real-life sensitive stories. Some of the topics he has are explored end-of-life care, mental health in the South Asian community and PTSD. For Kiran, a collective of academics wanted Bhulla to show what the challenges unique to the South Asian community when caring for a loved one with dementia.

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