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Objects of Heartbreak

Directed by:

Grace Kim

8 mins

Friday, Nov 18, 2022

6:00 PM

Shorts Program 1: Opening Night

Objects of Heartbreak is an experimental mixed media documentary helmed by filmmaker Grace Kim. Through an open call amongst Brooklyn residents, the film curates objects leftover from 'failed relationship, be they platonic, romantic, or familial', and interweaves the interview audio together into one cohesive reflection on the universal human experience of heartbreak. With live-action and animation, the 'heartbreak objects' are then used to produce an entirely new visual -- a new whole formed from the interviewee's discrete experiences.


About the Filmmaker

GRACE KIM is a Korean-American filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist who takes a lens to the mundane and minutiae to explore the universal human experiences of loneliness, loss, isolation, and ultimately, the never-ending search for connection. Her films and video work are characterized by a soft, bloomy and dreamlike palette as she tonally flits between the tender and the absurd, finding grand significance through close examination of the quotidian. As a filmmaker, she works across many mediums, digital and analog, as well as animation and found footage.

Grace's short films have screened nationwide at festivals such as the Hamptons International Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, and Tall Grass Film Festival amongst others. Outside of festivals, her work has screened at the Museum of the Moving Image, Syndicated Theater, Firehouse Cinema, Stuart Cinema, and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Her work has been supported by the Atlanta Film Society for the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, NYC Women's Fund, administered by the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and New York Foundation for the Arts, and the Local Arts Fund administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council. She has held residency with the Saltonstall Foundation.

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