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Directed by:

Letia Solomon

14 mins

Friday, Nov 18, 2022

6:00 PM

Shorts Program 1: Opening Night

An off-key couple finds out they're in over their heads after participating in a new cloning experiment to relieve their student loans.

This mockumentary short film shows a camera crew's documentation of suburban couple Calvin and Lisa as they take part in a cloning trial experiment. Both partners receive their own set of clones and things start off amazing. Chores are done and productivity is up, but the couple quickly realize that the copies aren't the life hack they thought they would be. Personal belongings start going missing, Calvin's clones get a little rowdy, and communication becomes a struggle in the house. The clones quickly turn into the children the couple never wanted. Once a major boundary is crossed the whip gets cracked on the clones. Now feeling their growing oppression, the clones find some interesting inspiration to push back. As tension grows, Calvin and Lisa must figure out how to make it to the end of the trials or if it’s still worth the cost. Whatever they decide, there's no turning back now.


About the Filmmaker

Letia Solomon is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She studied Chemical Engineering and worked as a Materials & Processing Engineer in Aerospace before pursuing her true calling of film. She also won the 2015 Modern Technology Leader Award from the National Black Engineer of the Year Award ceremony for her work at Raytheon Technologies. Letia received an MFA in TV & Film Production from USC and her thesis film, The Cypher, premiered at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, received USC's 2020 First Look Faculty Award for Outstanding Director, and the 2021 Pan African Film Festival Programmer's Choice Award for Best Short Film. She also was also an alumni of the CAA Moebius Film Festival. As a finalist of the 2020 ABFF HBO Competition, The Cypher is streaming on HBO MAX. She recently directed a coming of age independent pilot, 3 Blind Mice, set in Baltimore and won the 2022 Lionsgate/Starz Speculative Film award for her mockumentary comedy short film, Clones that premiered at the 2022 BlackStar Film Festival. Letia has a bold, visual style that champions edgy, heartfelt and comedic stories. She is managed by Randy Kiyan of Luber Roklin Entertainment.

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