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Directed by Ana A. Alpízar


SATURDAY 11/16/2019


@ Made In NY Media Center by IFP

A humble Cuban fisherman is having a harsh winter at the open sea. For the sake of his family and against all odds, he needs to capture a fish tonight.


Ana A. Alpizar is a filmmaker and member of FILA20, a Cuban-American collective based in New York City. FILA20's films have been screened at hundreds of festivals all over the world, including Borscht, Flickers’ Rhode Island,Glasgow, Miami, New Orleans, Rooftop Films, Sundance, Third Horizon,Warsaw, etc., and on platforms like Amazon Video, Booooooom. TV, Omeleto, Short of the Week, and ShortsTV. Their work also comprises projects for organizations like Galleria Continua, Louis Vuitton, the Museum of Modern Art,Surface Magazine, and The Bronx Museum of the Arts.

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