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Room 5

Directed by

Francis Y. Brown

3 mins

Sunday, November 21, 2021

12:00 PM

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

A man's comedic visit to the nurse's office.

About the Filmmaker

Francis is an award winning filmmaker from Ghana, he is the founder and creative director of AnimaxFYB Studios, trained in a number of different cinematic medium and over ten years' experience in the audio visual industry.

He specializes in Animation, Illustration, Filmmaking and Graphic Design. Having attained a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI). Francis was shortlisted for the 42nd Student Academy Awards (Oscars), won Best Animation Film at the Africa International Film Festival 2016 (AFFRIF), Black British Entertainment Awards, Best Creative Artist 2017, animator of the year at the 2017 Ghana UK Based Awards (GUBA) and also Best Animation at the 2018 Ghana Movie Awards. In 2019 Face2Face Africa named Francis Y. Brown as one of the five African animators who can give their Hollywood counter parts a run for the money. In 2020, Francis was once again mentioned as one of the top animators making African animation go global by Africa Vibes magazine. Francis was honored at a laureate of Africa 35 under 35 as one of the 35 most inspiring young entrepreneurs under the age of 35 making great strides in Africa.

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