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Directed by Raeshon Morris

SHOWING: SUNDAY 11/17/2019


@ Made In NY Media Center by IFP

An ambitious Youtuber must choose between her career goals, marriage and high risk pregnancy.



Raeshon Morris knew from a young age that media was a world he wanted to fully immerse himself in. Born in St. Louis, MO he got his first taste of the arts through his mother’s love of crime films. Raeshon moved to Washington D.C where he received aB.A in Media, Journalism, and Film with a minor in African American Studies from Howard University. In his last days at Howard, Raeshon received the Paul Robeson Award for Best Director and was awarded the department’s Film Exemplar award at graduation.


Raeshon is currently a Graduate Student at USC's Film and Television Production program where he is focusing on directing and production design. He desires to create films that showcase people of color and propel their stories outside of the confines of oppression. He looks forward to bringing a unique and authentic voice to cinema that will be remembered for years to come.

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