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DreamMaker DreamDoer DreamSupporter, Inc. (DreamMaker3D) presents the Annual TIDE Film Festival. TIDEFF celebrates the power of storytelling by filmmakers of color. TIDEFF believes filmmakers of color deserve to tell their truths with intent, to disrupt the mainstream narrative, and to feel entitled in their right to do so.

What we do:

TIDE Film Festival 2022 is scheduled for November 2022 in Brooklyn. As with previous years, TIDEFF will showcase short and feature films written, directed, and/or produced by filmmakers of color. Highlights of the event will include panels and workshops led by industry veterans, Q&As with filmmakers, and programming blocks with films that span different genres, cultures, and topics. Our primary objectives are to: 

  1. Provide resources and contacts for accepted filmmakers to successfully transition into the mainstream entertainment industry as writers, directors and producers.

  2. Foster inter-community among filmmakers, industry experts, local cinephiles, and other attendees.

  3. Build a movement that uplifts and normalizes minority voices in Hollywood.  

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